About Cerused

We are a design studio and workshop that creates unique fine furniture for residential and commercial clients, and the film industry. We offer several lines of furniture available in multiple sizes and finishes, and create custom pieces. We work primarily through designers and design studios.

Our furniture designs often incorporate traditional work with modern detailing, and we are known for our build quality and extraordinary finishes. We carefully select wood species and grains, using ecofriendly FSC and ForrestFree lumber sources whenever possible. We use a range of American, European and Asian finishing methods and products to create extraordinary finishes, including lacquered, burnt, cerused, crackled, and real or simulated hide finishes. We use traditional and our own proprietary finishing techniques to create and enhance grains and textures. A wide variety of finishing materials like specialty glazes, wood bleaches, and precious metals such as silver and gold highlight our unique pieces.

About John Beach

Cerused is led by John Beach, who designs and manages a team of skilled craftsmen in making original high-quality furnishings. John took a keen interest in woodworking as a kid at his grandfather’s workbench with rows of traditional hand and power tools. John still has his first piece of furniture made in shop class at Buckley School in New York City as an 11-year-old.  Boys hung up their jackets, tucked their ties into their shirts, donned aprons, and made things with their hands – seems anachronistic today.  Over the years John earned a Master’s of Science degree from the Georgia Tech School of Architecture in residential building, becoming a licensed residential and commercial contractor. John’s work has been featured in several magazines, and he’s received numerous awards. He has long supported and written about using eco and healthy materials, and serves on two industry boards, and two historical preservation boards.