We’ve seen a long list of threats to the worldwide wood supply, from deforestation for fuel and building in the middle ages to more recent development, agricultural and medicinal demands, and environmental issues. These are not future problems or limited to foreign rainforests, but real day to day challenges as we source lumber for our workshop. Last year we could only find oak with tiny borer holes in thicker pieces needed for table and bench legs. For some furniture firms this can be solved with wood filler – our very detailed finishes not so much. We use a fair amount of ash today, and the attached article envisions a 99% likelihood of complete ash loss within years. With up to a year of kiln drying required for thicker 2″ slabs we often use, and very specific species and grain needs, just sourcing materials is not always easy. This beetle came to North America (US and Canada) around 2002 from Asia, probably in packaging materials. To date it has destroyed hundreds of millions of North American ash trees, caused hundreds of millions  dollars of loss, and caused US and international quarantines on raw lumber. The beetles larvae attack and kill trees through the bark – the wood itself is not affected, but Ash forest will not continue to grow.

Full article from Atlanta Hardwoods, one of our FSC compliant lumber vendors:

Ash Lumber and the Emerald Ash Borer