Finish Styles

Our finish styles include Cerused, Crackled, and Leather. Each of these finish styles have a base color and a highlight color, and each color can have Flat, Satin or Gloss Final Sheens. The amount and pattern of highlights can be varied with custom finish orders – the items shown here are typical examples of our stock finishes. All our pieces are hand created artwork exhibiting the incredible beauty of nature, and each piece and its finish will vary.

Cerused - Blue with White
Cerused – Teal with White
Crackled – Red with White
Leather – Brown/Red/Black/Gold

Cerused Finish Colors

Etruscan with White
White with Black
White with Gold
Pewter with White
Teal with White
Persimmon with White
Red with Black
Black with Silver
Black with Red
White with Red
Red with White
Crackle Colors
White with Red
Black with Red
White with Black